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Did you know that the late Dame Zaha Hadid was a prolific product designer as well as one of the most innovative and daring architects of our time?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent and sad passing of this talented, boundary-breaking, multi award-winning architect who leaves behind an incredible portfolio of work, both real and conceptual.

From angular sharp-cornered structures with jagged edges that pierce through the air to magnificently curved buildings, her work is immediately recognizable. You may love her style or you may not, but I think it would be really difficult not to be impressed by it on some level or other.

Some say she was a genius and they’re quite possibly right. One thing’s for sure though, whether you agree with that statement or not, and that is that Zaha Hadid was a ground-breaker. She was a woman architect. She was an Arab woman architect. She was totally individual, audacious and incredibly bold. She pushed boundaries, she crossed borders, and she challenged the norms. Materials, whether concrete, glass, plastic, metal or even paper, took on a totally different and unexpected aesthetic once she got her hands on them. I think her mind must have been quite a place to hang out don’t you?!

Portrait of Zaha Hadid Product Designer

Portrait of Zaha Hadid. Image by: Zaha Hadid Architects.

But aside from her architectural marvels, Zaha Hadid was also a prolific product designer. She collaborated with lots of different companies in all sorts of sectors to design and produce unique, Zaha-like pieces. From furniture to lighting, tableware and accessories to shoes and jewellery. She even designed a wine bottle and a doll’s house.

I thought we’d focus on some of these pieces today, so let’s take a look at some of this product designer’s creations. You may well have come across some of them before, but I’m pretty sure there are one or two that will surprise you!¬†


pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer moraine sofa sawaya moroni

The Moraine Sofa by Zaha Hadid for Italian furniture and accessories brand Sawaya & Moroni. I remember seeing and sitting on this piece once during a visit to the Sawaya & Moroni showroom in Milan – it was quite impressive with its beautiful subtle curves. It had great scale and lovely proportions. Image by: Sawaya & Moroni.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer liquid glacial table top view

The Liquid Glacial Table by Zaha Hadid for David Gill Galleries. It’s made from transparent acrylic which just flows with so much movement! Image by Jacopo Spilimbergo.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer liquid glacial table leg detail

Just look at that movement ! You can feel the downward pull of the water can’t you? Image by: Jacopo Spilimbergo.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer kuki chair sawaya moroni

The Kuki Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni. This modern (slightly narrow) interpretation of a rocking chair looks like it’s standing on a knife’s edge doesn’t it? It would make quite a statement in the right place… Image by: Sawaya & Moroni.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer aqua table

The Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid for London brand Established & Sons. Fluid like water and reminds me a bit of a manta ray somehow. Image by: Dan Toben Smith. You can see this piece as it moves all the way from initial concept to finished product in the video below. It’s cool…


pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer vortexx chandelier

Meet Vortexx. A futuristic chandelier designed by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni. It changes colour and looks totally unique in situ. Image by: Sawaya & Moroni.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer vortexx chandlier sawaya moroni

Vortexx in different colours. Looks like a film set doesn’t it? Image by: Sawaya & Moroni.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer transparent ariachandelier slamp

I love this piece! It’s the Aria Chandelier designed by Zaha Hadid for Italian lighting brand Slamp. Made up of over 50 individual thin fins of a clear material called Cristalflex, with LED lights. It’s a piece of sculpture and has such an elegant and smooth flow – great! Image by: Slamp.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer transparent aria chandelier detail slamp

Detail of the Aria fins. Image by: Slamp.


pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer swarovski crystal palace light installation

The Zaha Hadid Chandelier for Swarovski Crystal Palace This amazingly sculptural and highly engineered light installation is a superb twist on the traditional chandelier. Not to get too technical, but it’s made from 86 cables and 2,700 internally lit Swarovski crystals! I’m going to brag a little here by saying that I saw this piece at a Swarovski Crystal Palace event in Milan a few years ago – where I actually met Zaha Hadid in person! It was an incredible event showcasing several lighting installations by architects and it was so exciting to have had the opportunity to meet her. Image by: Swarovski Crytsal Palace.


pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer lalique vases

Zaha Hadid has collaborated with many luxury brands and none more so than Lalique, for whom she has designed two vases – the Manifesto vase on the left and the Visio vase on the right. Available in dramatic black or in clear, the lines are bold and the detail exquisite. I wouldn’t mind owning one of these…Image by: Lalique.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer wmf cutlery

This unique cutlery set is bound to attract attention at table with its interesting and unusual lines. Designed by Zaha Hadid for German cookware and cutlery brand WMF, it’s also functional and perfectly ergonomic – not a case of form over function. It’s gorgeous. Image by: Werner Huthmacher.


pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer wallpaper

Yep – she also designed wallpaper for a German brand called Marburg Wallcoverings. They are more like large wall panels actually rather than wallpaper by the roll – and of course they stand out due to their play on perspective and texture. Image by: Konstantin Eulenburg.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer avilion triflow taps

Did you know taps could look like this? Designed in collaboration with Triflow Taps. This is pure sculpture for the bathroom don’t you think? Image by: Triflow Concepts.


pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer lacoste shoes

Moving away from interiors products, Zaha Hadid also designed for the fashion and jewellery world. She collaborated with Lacoste on a range of limited edition shoes made from calf leather that twists around the ankle and calf moulding iteself to the wearer’s shape. Do you think they are comfortable? They certainly look different…

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer celeste necklace

What does this item look like to you? Would it surprise you to know that it’s a necklace? The Celeste necklace to be more specific, designed for Atelier Swarovski and made from blackened silver and precious stones like white topaz, smokey quartz and black -spaniel. Click through to see it worn ūüôā Image by: Zaha Hadid Architects.

pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer atelier swarovksi bangles

Also for Atelier Swarovski, Zaha Hadid designed the Glace Collection of impressive bangles. Image by: Swarovski.


pomegranate living blog zaha hadid product designer a dolls house

Can you believe this is a doll’s house?? Designed to support KIDS which is a UK charity supporting disabled children, it is certainly a new take on one of the most traditional of toys! The pieces can be assembled in various ways encouraging kids to play and explore various ways of creating spaces. It’s pretty cool I’d say…Image by: Zaha Hadid Architects.

Well I think that just about does it for today. There are loads more products to look through so just head on over to the Zaha Hadid Architects website and look through the archives section. It’s pretty impressive. This exciting architect and product designer will be sorely missed.

’till next time…

All photos as credited. Please click through on the images to be taken to the relevant brand or to the Zaha Hadid Architects website.

Fuschia bowl in header image is designed by Zaha Hadid for Italian brand Sawaya & Moroni. 

The Anna Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection


The Anna Jacobs spring 2016 collection is here! Have you noticed some fresh summery pale pinks on the Pomegranate homepage? That will be the latest range of lamps and cushions from this talented British designer.

You’ve already met Anna in this brand profile I wrote a while ago and you’ve seen one of her lamps being handmade in Norfolk in this post. Some of you have seen and loved her lamps at various exhibitions and many of you have given me such great feedback about her designs, colours and products. Always nice to hear!

Well, this busy artist, teacher, upcycler and mum of two has recently launched her third collection, for spring/summer 2016. It’s hard to believe that she launched this business just over a year ago and a pleasure to see her succeed as she has. And I’m thrilled to be carrying her brand at Pomegranate and to have just added some of the newest pieces to the assortment.

So if you are thinking of making a couple of changes to your home this season, then a new lamp or cushion from the Anna Jacobs spring 2016 collection may be just the ticket. And what will you find? Well, the bird theme continues, this time with soft pastel pinks and yellows (both really¬†trendy this¬†season!) for some designs and stronger tones of blue and raspberry for others. One thing’s for sure, they are all striking and all beautiful.

Below are some of the new styles from the collection. Remember that each piece is handmade especially for you and that you can customise your lamp if you want to. For example, you can choose a yellow shade with a bright raspberry flex in the base if that works in your scheme.

If you’d like any more details on any of the Anna Jacobs lamps or cushions, then please just get in touch and I’ll be very happy to help. Now here goes (click on any image for more details)…



The Chinese Tree lamp with grey zig-zag flex, shown with the Chinese Tree rectangular bolster cushion and the Beak Street square cushion.


Closeup of the Chinese Tree lamp, this time with rose flex. It’s so summery and cheerful isn’t it?


The Chinese Tree collection continues with the cushions. The square 45 x 45 cms cushion is shown behind the rectangular 58 x 28 cms bolster in this picture. On the table is the medium Beak Street lamp with rose flex.


The medium Rose Hummer lamp with rose flex sits on the table and featured on the chair is the Rose Hummer cushion with a flurry of birds flying in a sort of circle! The movement in this cushion is great!


A closeup of the delicate Rose Hummer lamp with rose flex. It would look lovely in a bedroom…


This is the medium Lemon Hummer lamp with grey zig-zag flex and next to it on the chair is the impactful Lemon Hummer cushion


Up close and personal with the Lemon Hummer medium table lamp with grey zig-zag flex.


The unusually-named Snow Peak Unbound lamp and cushion. This is such a striking design for those who enjoy making a strong statement in their home. The lamp is shown with a bold raspberry flex here which picks up the colour of the bird’s beak of course…


The Snow Peak Unbound up close.

What do you think? Are you drawn to these strong and bold designs and colours? I’d love to hear your thoughts below ūüôā

’till next time…

Photo Credits: All photos by Anna Jacobs used with permission

16 Creative & Beautiful Instagram Accounts to Follow


This post¬†was going to be called ‘3 Cool Instagram Accounts to Follow’ but as I was going through my list to make my selection, I just couldn’t narrow it down to just 3! So instead, you’re getting my current top 16 Instagram accounts (plus a special bonus one at the end) :).

Over the last few months, I’ve been getting increasingly hooked on Instagram and keep coming across the coolest people, brands, businesses and images. Are you on Instagram? If not, then why not consider it?? It’s such a cool way of being creative online, of capturing little snippets¬†of inspiration or creativity just in that moment and then sharing them with your followers, friends and colleagues.

I’m not saying you have to document every moment of your life, but if you are a visual person and especially if you are into photography, then I think you might really enjoy this app. I’ve had fun playing around with composition and of course I love the filters and effects you can add to make images more interesting and personal.

And I like the fact that you can share an image to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This comes in handy when you want to tag someone or add some variety to your Facebook timeline. 

I must admit I’m not that prolific an Instagramer at the moment though, and am not using Instagram to heavily promote my business, Pomegranate. Instead, I tend to use Instagram most when I’m simply out and about or to show a few ‘behind the scenes’ pictures. For example, at exhibitions, trade shows, pop-up events, in the park or when I see something fun or quirky that my friends and followers might enjoy. The image above for instance¬†is from my Instagram feed over @pomegranatelive taken about an year ago on a lovely afternoon in Richmond Park.

But I have enjoyed seeing how others have really embraced this creative platform to express themselves, promote their businesses and share their personal viewpoint of the world. And there are some seriously talented and dedicated people out there who have built up some fantastic feeds!

Here are my current Top 16 which I’ve broken down for you into various categories (I have lots of different interests as I’m sure you do!). Here we go…and click on any of the images to be transported magically to that Instagram feed to see and enjoy more photos.



CHRISTINA GREVE:: Christina is a Danish lifestyle photographer and coach. Her feed is gorgeously moody and atmospheric with images of flowers, places, people and food.


RUE MAGAZINE:: Rue is a fantastic online magazine covering fashion, beauty and home. Their feed is full of great images from their shoots and things that inspire them. Great for ideas on home decorating.



IGOR JOSIF:: Igor is an interiors blogger who shares his inspiration and projects on his blog Happy Interior Blog. His feed is full of colour, flowers, life and happiness.


AT {MINE}:: An online community of interior lovers who can share their projects, photos and resources via their website. Their feed is full of images from the community and is a great place to get inspiration for your own interior project.



EMILY QUINTON:: Emily is a London-based photographer, trainer and author who runs photography workshops. She loves flowers as her feed will show and the quality of her photos is superb with interesting compositions and lots of colour.


STEPH TURPIN:: Steph of Fairy Nuff Flowers is a UK-based florist. I love all the closeups of flowers that feature in her Instagram feed! Beautiful!



ELLA WOODWARD:: Of the fabulous food blog Deliciously Ella is a foodie, author and blogger with a huge following, several books and a deli under her belt. Her feed is full of recipes and lovely food images and she also shares other aspects of her life and inspirational quotes.


FLOURISHING FOODIE:: Heather is a Seattle-based food photographer, stylist, foodie and blogger. Her photos are deliciously moody as you will see in her Instagram feed and on her blog The Flourishing Foodie.



ARIELE ALASKO:: Is a Brooklyn-based woodworker and sculptor who makes the most beautiful wooden spoons with varied and original designs. Her feed is full of images of her wonderful pieces and she has built up quite a following!


COADG:: Confessions of a Design Geek is an award-winning blog by British blogger Katie Treggiden. Katie champions the crafts and makers in the UK and her feed is rich with product shots from various designers and craftspeople.



MMONTAGUELIVING:: Maryam Montague is based in Marrakesh where she and her family run a gorgeous boutique hotel, filled with artisanal products from the region. Her gorgeous feed will make you want to get on the first flight to Morocco…


MURADOSMANN:: Murad has shot an extensive series of images in various places around the world, with his wife leading him by the hand. This very unique feed is full of images of her dressed in local and exotic costumes leading him by the hand towards an amazing landmark. It’s a creative and unusual approach which has resulted in the couple gaining quite a following.



ANTHROPOLOGIE:: Has got to be one of the coolest concept stores around at the moment. Check out their Instagram feed for great images of their products, as well as other inspirational shots. They have used their feed to strengthen their brand presence very well.


PROPERCORN:: British popcorn brand Proper Corn uses their bold and bright Instagram feed to really drive home their brand and their mission. to create the best popcorn – properly. It’s makes for fun and vibrant brand awareness.



MORTEN NORDSTROM:: Danish photgrapher Morten Nordstr√łm has a great eye for composition and mood. his photos are atmospheric, interesting and just a pleasure to look through.


OMARZROBLES:: NYC-based photographer Omar Z. Nobles has captured the movement, strength, grace and beauty of ballet dancers dancing on the streets of Cuba and NYC. So original and absolutely gorgeous!



POSTCOLLECTIVE:: Post Collective is a Berlin-based company that sells art prints of some of the most celebrated photography from Instagram. They have a wonderful range of photos covering various themes and at reasonable prices. Terrific idea right??

Well, that just about covers it for today – my current top 16 accounts from Instagram. Do you have any favourite Instagramers you are following? Share them with us in the comments below – it’s always nice to ‘meet’ new people :).

’till next time…

Photo credits: Top image by Nicole Antar //All other images by relevant Instagram account holder – please click on any of them to be taken to their feeds.

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